October 2014
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Wed Oct 01
Salisbury Steak
Thu Oct 02
Fri Oct 03
Stuffed Bread Stix
Mon Oct 06
Crispy Chicken Wrap
Tue Oct 07
BBQ Sandwich
Wed Oct 08
Chicken Alfredo
Thu Oct 09
Mon Oct 13
Mini Corn Dogs
Tue Oct 14
Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Wed Oct 15
Country Fried Steak
Home Lunchroom

2008_1117shane0037Lunch menus are planned out weeks in advance.  Food is ordered according to the plans that have been made for the meals.  Once the organization has been completed to create the menu for the month, copies are sent home with students so that families can plan ahead for the meals that will be prepared.  The cost of each item is also listed on the menu.highschool20

There are always multiple options in a day not only for breakfast, but for lunch menus as well.  At the beginning of every day, each teacher reports to the lunchroom the selection each child has made.  These choices determine how much of an item is prepared for lunch time and prohibits extras or changes from being made sue to the advanced planning and the need for ensuring there is no excessive waste or a child not getting what he or she ordered.